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Levram produces high quality and cost-competitive polymer-based products.

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Levram has a loyal customer base, pricing power, and brand recognition.

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Collaboration with time-bound cargo services which promises on-time delivery.

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Continuously striving for excellence, providing customized solutions at a minimum lead time, achieving quality standards and maintaining them. Our dedication is to provide and nurture long term relationships so as to ensure a satisfactory customer base.

Blood Collection Tubes

We manufacture wide range of BCT's in both vacuum and non-vacuum types.

Specimen Container

Designed to assist in easy specimen collection.

Pediatric Tubes (VPED)

Small Blood Collection Tubes designed especially for children.

Platelet Rich Plasma (VPRP)

VPRP is a closed system solution for extraction of concentrated growth factors from the plasma.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (VPRF)

VPRF is a closed system for extraction of concentrated fibrin network.

Multi Sample Needles

Commonly used with a syringe, a hand-operated device with a plunger, to inject substances into the body.


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